Fees for Counselling


The cost per session is £50.

Fees are paid a session in advance to secure the appointment which is booked.

Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or Paypal (at an additional cost of £1.50).

If you would like to book and pay for your appointment online you can do so at:  https://welldoing.org/counsellors/marie-fernandes-integrative-counsellor-ha4


What will I get from Counselling?

Only you can really answer that question. However it is worth considering how much you would be willing to pay if someone offered you the chance to manage the stress in your life, to be able to achieve your goals, improve your relationships. . .  to discover how you can lead the life you want to live.

On contacting Transition I will arrange to speak to you for a brief time to discuss your requirements prior to your initial session.

For further details:

Phone, text or Whatsapp:  07572 282514

Email: info@transition-counselling.co.uk

Counselling is an investment that can pay lifetime dividends.