What Clients Say

“I saw the value in having each and every session. Thank you for your strategies, exercises and views on my development. It has changed who I am and has really given me a way of dealing with my thoughts and my worries.”

“Since the start of our sessions I have felt uplifted and more relaxed.  I am grateful for all the help you provided in my most difficult time.  My life will never be the same.”

“My counsellor was excellent.  She listened to me with kindness and patience.  My counselling has made me feel good about myself and stand up for myself and I look forward to the future”

“When I look back to who I was a few months ago I feel like an entirely different person. I honestly can’t thank you enough; I’ve never felt so in control.”

“Counselling has helped me to understand my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It has given me the opportunity to address these things and learn how to use them positively”

To find out more or to book an appointment: email (info@transition-counselling.co.uk), phone, text or WhatsApp (07572 282514). I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.